Best of all... it's Formued to Generate Negative Ions, which Abolish Odors and Reduce Frequency of Washes. 

Our Organic Negative Ion Generating Mineral Emits Negative Ions, Natures own deodorizer. It is this ingredient that gives our soap an exclusive edge over any other pet soaps or shampoos.

After bathing, you are left with a long lasting, clean smelling pet. The soap is gentle enough to use on babies.

 No One Likes a Smelly Pet

  Kozmo. Our Mascott 

Our All Natural Pet Soap contains an Organic Negative Ion Generating Mineral. It Produces Unequaled Odor Destroying Results. The Worlds Best Soap Website is proud to introduce a New Kind of Soap we are calling Ionic Soap or The World's Best Pet Soap.

Pet Shampoo in a Bar!

The Worlds First,
 Negative-Ion Infused, All Natural Soap. 

Our soap makers have been in the soap business for years and produce only the finest in All Natural soap products. All Natural, Organic and using only the Finest Ingredients, our soap, with the addition of our Organic Negative Ion Generating Mineral, adds the following important properties.

  • Gives off Negative Ions, a natural odor destroyer, proven to be beneficial in many other areas as well. 
  • Produces Far Infrared Rays, also shown to be beneficial. 
  • May increase Oxygen Exchange Rates in areas washed. Great for sensitive skin. 
  • It also helps with the Soap's Natural Odor Destroying Properties. 
Lab in the Water

Our Organic Negative Ion Generating Mineral , when added to the Best All Natural Olive Oil Based Soap, gives this soap the benefits listed above. These beneficial action has been shown to help with skin disorders as well as leaving a fresh, clean natural smell.

It can be used safely on all pets and people. It has lasting odor neutralizing properties, lathers up nicely and because it is  infused with Natural Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Mint oils, our soap has a crisp clean smell and feels soft and silky smooth on the skin.

Horse Bath Soap

Pets washed with the 'Ionic Soap #008' are having phenomenal results. Odors are eliminated and your pet will stay fresh and clean longer without an overpowering fragrance.

People have sent us letters testifying as to the positive results and benefits they have experienced after using our soap. Read some testimonials here. The results have been truly amazing.

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